I am Matteo Troiani and I was born in Rome in 1981. Tourism has run in my family since 1996 when my mother started working as a Tour Leader for groups traveling across Europe. At the age of 22 I started working in this amazing business too and since then I have been growing year after year: it became the job of my dreams, I worked with clients from all over the world, with different backgrounds and I was often told since the very beginning “Matteo, you should have your own business”. So, finally, I came up with this company where I put my knowledge in organizing what our clients want and always add a touch of uniqueness to their experience as a “Be In Italy” signature.


A family trip, a tour for a group of friends or your wedding: what are you looking for? Once you contact us, we can choose the destinations that best suit you and enhance the experience with a “Be in italy” touch. Take a look at our offers or simply contact us and ask for a bespoke itinerary. What we can design for you will definitely be a unique and unforgettable experience.



Our core business is providing tours and experiences in Italy, but our strength is the ability to put the Italian know-how, style and class in developing tours in all the European Mediterranean countries. With Be in Italy you can also Be in Croatia, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and enjoy an unforgettable tailor made vacation thanks to our network of selected local suppliers and our extended experience across borders.


“Be in Italy” is a concept that comes from experience, research and attention to every single customer. Arranging authentic and stress-free experiences where no detail is left to chance, our client feels more like a traveler than a tourist. To our company every new commitment is the beginning of a new different journey.