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Taking You Through Extravagant Italian Culinary Tours

Exploring Italy would not be the same without allowing yourself to enjoy its fabulous culinary experiences. The global reputation of Italian cuisine makes embracing its place of origin indisputable! Each Italian region has its own unique culinary identity, which has developed and improved over centuries to reach the exquisite form that leaves travelers in awe. On one hand, you have Piedmont, renowned for its one-of-a-kind white truffles. In contrast, the Amalfi Coast is all about their sweet yet twangy lemons. And this is just the beginning of it. With that, you can only imagine what our luxurious Italian culinary tours have to offer!

Do not miss the opportunity to cure your Italian culinary vacation. Every dining experience presents a blend of flavors, tastes, and creativity, allowing you to savor it uniquely. Whether it is an upscale restaurant with Michelin stars or an exclusive cooking class led by a talented chef, a one-of-a-kind experience is promised!

Read our Italian culinary tour options list and find what suits your taste. The country offers everything you can possibly imagine. It is up to you to create the itinerary to let you enjoy the culinary treasures just like you imagine! 

  • Cooking Class Followed by an Intimate Lunch in The Bohemian Trastevere, Rome 

Join a famous local chef to discover the mysteries of genuine Italian fine dining. Start by diving deep into the astonishing Trastevere district and its delicious food market, followed by a dynamic cooking session and cozy lunch at your host’s home. Expect classic dishes like carbonara, saltimbocca, and other traditional specialties on the menu.

There is no better way to explore the culinary delights of Rome’s boho area than by enjoying an authentic lunch. It’s even better when you prepare that lunch alongside a master chef who reveals the cooking secrets of Italian cuisine. Once your adventure is over, you will know how to prepare a mouthwatering Italian dish just like locals do. Most importantly, exceptional flavors you have never tried before will reward your taste buds.

  • Exploring Authentic Delicacies in The Heart of San Gimignano

Chianti Hills is famous for its many vineyards, where you can taste the most unique Italian wines. However, in its close proximity is the gorgeous medieval town of San Gimignano. This place has the most scenic views and amazing landscapes, but it is also ideal for people who want to go on authentic Italian culinary tours. San Gimignano earns the title of a foodie mecca due to its rich selection of tasty food offerings for visitors.

This is where you get to try saffron, golden ham, pecorino cheese, and Vernaccia di San Gimignano white wine. The experience is unparalleled, and the flavors are heavenly. Exploring the riches of San Gimignano promises an unforgettable adventure that should not be missed!

  • Discover The Art of Aperitivo in Milan 

Milan takes happy hour to the next level! It involves enjoying olives, nuts, crostini, and even salty cured meats and cheeses paired with an Aperol spritz or Negroni. This is the traditional aperitivo experience, and you cannot visit the city without savoring it at least once. 

Everyone in Italy knows about aperitivo. In Milan, however, you can enjoy it much differently. To make your Italian culinary tour unique, you need a luxurious bar that will provide you with its best goods. Armani/ Bamboo Bar is one of those spots where happy hour is experienced in its finest and most sophisticated form.

  • An Authentic Visit to a Pasta Factory in The Amalfi Coast   

In Campania, there is a strong emphasis on the long-standing tradition of crafting pasta by hand. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to explore a local pasta factory that was founded in the mid-1800s. Each pasta there is carefully crafted by hand using the centuries-old technique of bronze extrusion. This method results in a coarse, porous texture that is ideal for sauces and intensifies the flavor.

There is no better food tour in Italy than witnessing pasta making in front of you. It is a different form of art that cannot be seen in any museum around the world. Opting for a private tour will allow you to take a peek at the core of Italian cuisine and be part of something astonishing.

  • Experience a Cicchetti Bar in Venice 

Venice is popular for its cicchetti bars, which serve famous small but heavenly plates. Visiting one is the same as enjoying an aperitivo hour but in a unique way. Venetians enjoy cicchetti as small savory bites for a quick lunch or sometimes instead of dinner. If you have ever tried Spanish tapas, you will definitely find similarities!

Considered the best street food in Venice, cicchetti is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can find cicchetti bars everywhere around the Floating City. However, if you want to make it glamorous and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes of the city, you should opt for a luxurious bar with stunning views. One is Skyline, a rooftop bar that will make your experience magical.

  • Unique Pizza-Making Workshop in Rome 

Pizza is most people’s favorite dish, so it is no wonder that it is made all over the globe. Nonetheless, in Italy the taste is unique, and the secret behind it has tickled the curiosity of many people. In Rome, you will have the opportunity to discover the mystery of the heavenly pizza taste by participating in an extraordinary private workshop.

Take a peek at the methods of making traditional pizza and learn the famous techniques that everyone is eager to discover. Under the guidance of an experienced pizza master, you will discover the secrets of making glorious pizza. You will actively engage in every aspect, from working the dough to choosing and preparing the toppings. And the most exciting part? You will have the opportunity to enjoy your mouthwatering creation straight out of the oven.

When you decide to visit Italy, make sure you do it in style! Instead of wandering and visiting landmarks, get to know the country from a local perspective and embrace the gastronomic adventures it offers. The experience of having an Italian culinary tour is magical, and you will never regret it! 

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