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Best time to travel to Italy

What makes Italy so special is the variety of attractions it offers. Cities of art, beach destinations, villages, countryside, and mountains make it appealing all year round.

But if you are planning on visiting Italy make sure you have an idea about the weather conditions, traditions, and other factors that could impact your travel in the Bel Paese.

April, May September, and October are the best time to explore cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. Warm and sunny days without the humidity and the high temperatures that hit the country in summer, make spring and autumn the perfect seasons to enjoy your visit. Having a pleasant stroll or an aperitivo in a beautiful square or courtyard during this time of the year, lets you feel the real Italian vibe and atmosphere.

One more reason, besides the heat, to avoid August is called Ferragosto. The main Italian holiday, when Catholic tradition celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary becomes a very special and particular period. The name and the origin of this festivity actually date back to 18 BC when Emperor Augustus introduced Feriae Augusti as the rest after long and hard agricultural work. The tradition has been respected through the ages in different ways and nowadays you don’t want to happen in any major city on 08/15 when everything, from the restaurants to offices, is Chiuso per ferie (closed for holidays) and desolated. 

However, if art and history are your priorities, a skip-the-line ticket for any museum or attraction is definitely not needed at that time of the year. If you are looking for a throwback to the Middle Ages and an authentic experience, make sure you spend mid-August in a Medieval town in the central part of Italy. Siena is the most popular one on that occasion. It is visited by thousands of people to attend the famous horse race, il Palio, which happens twice a year, on the 2nd of July and 16th of August.

On the other hand side, keep in mind that islands and coastlines have their touristic peak between July and August when the sea temperatures are warm and the Italians try to escape the city’s heat. So don’t be surprised by the crowd and the high prices that characterize destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Sardinia, Apulia, Cinque Terre.

If your dream getaway is Tuscany, September and October when the harvest occurs, are the most interesting months for wine lovers who want to enjoy the charm of breathtaking landscapes sipping some great Montepulciano.

Wintertime, from November to the end of March, is perfect for traveling on a budget and looking for great deals. With a bit of luck, you can still have a very nice experience, since Italian coldest temperatures are not so harsh and sunny days are not that rare.

The Alps are the destination you can enjoy at its best all year around, having fun skiing with the snow or enjoying fascinating views hiking during warmer seasons.

Depending on what you are looking for Italy after all finds always a way to become your first choice and dream holiday.