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Italy, the pearl of Mediterranean Sea

Italy is the pearl of the Mediterranean, the cradle of culture, motherland of greatest artists and poets.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Italy has a fascinating history, from antiquity to modern times, with twists and turns that surpass the imagination of the best Netflix authors. The peninsula has always been a place of conquest, a strategic pole to control seas and lands.

Italy has been able to draw nourishment and strength from all the peoples and cultures that went through it.


Italy is a rich and generous land, kissed by the sun and the sea, that satisfies all the senses of those lucky enough to visit it. And this has been clear throughout Europe since ancient times. In fact, from being a destination of conquest, in the eighteenth century it became the most sought-after destination of the Grand Tour, the journey par excellence that sealed the education of young scions from all over Europe.

Even today, Italy satisfies the most demanding travelers and tourists, because it combines historical, cultural, artistic, and natural beauty, excellent food and entertainment in a single country.

In Italy the travel’s choices are endless. For example, you can opt for a tour dedicated to the art cities, such as Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Palermo, in which you can visit the world’s most important monuments and museums, such as the Colosseum, the Duomo of Florence, the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi, Capodimonte Museum, Pompei, on the premise that cities themselves are open-air museums.

Or you can choose a relaxing holiday, dedicated to sun and sea, on the mainland, such as in Campania where the beautiful Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking views to fill your Instagram profile with; or in Puglia among the Trulli of Alberobello or with the dazzling marbles of Lecce.

What about the islands? Sardinia and Sicily deserve long stays and are full of natural, cultural and historical beauties. But also, the smaller islands such as Capri, Ponza, Aeolian Islands, Tremiti and Lampedusa are true corners of paradise on earth which can be visited on a day trip (although nothing prohibits you from spending a night or two there and live the VIP life).

Italy is a heaven for those who love to eat and drink well, for those who love themselves. There are so many specialties that the possibilities for food and wine tours are endless. You could simply build an endless number of itineraries based only on wine. Moreover, many regions also offer the opportunity to spend an amazing time in a world-renowned spa for a wellness holiday, such as Tuscany or Campania with the island of Ischia.

Finally, whether you are a lover of luxury or simplicity, Italy will amaze you with unique locations, hospitality, and human warmth. Another feature that makes Italy special is the friendliness of its people, who can quickly make even the loneliest foreigner feel at home. In short, Italy is a casket of riches to be discovered and experienced with all five senses. A destination that is always new, even for travelers who already know it.

Because every time you visit Italy a new story will be written and you will never get bored of reading it.